The Jury is Still Out on Serbia’s New Whistleblower Protection Law

by Milica Stojanović and Dino Jahić
Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia

Marija Beretka needed to initiate three court proceedings in order to obtain protection as a whistleblower. In one ruling, the Novi Sad High Court said the police is not an authorized recipient of whistleblower reports. The case illustrates several problems with the implementation of Serbia’s whistleblower law. Other problems have arisen at the High Court in Belgrade.

In the first in-depth review of Serbia’s new Law on Protection of Whistleblowers, the Center for Investigative Journalism uncovers major flaws with the law and how judges are enforcing it. The result is that employees who report crime and corruption aren’t always getting the protection and compensation that the law is intended to provide.

Is it time to go back to the drawing board? Read the full story here.

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