A Unified Voice in Support of Whistleblowing

Founders of the Southeast Europe Coalition for Whistleblower Protection meet in Belgrade, November 2015. (photo: Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative)

Founders of the Southeast Europe Coalition for Whistleblower Protection meet in Belgrade, November 2015. (photo: Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative)

Whether investigating whistleblower disclosures, supporting their anti-retaliation cases, pushing for stronger legal rights, or confronting managers who punish whistleblowers, the Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection carries the banner for employees and citizens who report crime and corruption throughout the region.

As the first regional initiative of its kind, the Coalition brings together activists, journalists and experts to strengthen legal rights for whistleblowers and support their efforts to achieve justice.

Organizations from 12 countries spanning the region, all dedicated to promoting free expression and fighting corruption, have forged this alliance to advance citizen participation and human rights. The Coalition was founded during a two-day meeting in Belgrade on Nov. 9-10, 2015.

Despite some advances in Southeast Europe, government and company whistleblowers regularly face retaliation and threats. Even where laws are in place, most contain loopholes and are poorly enforced. The Coalition and its members aim to close these gaps by monitoring cases and retaliation complaints, and advocating for strong whistleblower rights and protections based on European and international standards.

We work to enhance public awareness and acceptance of whistleblowing, by informing society about the essential contributions by whistleblowers to improve transparency and accountability in governments and corporations.

Along with our direct actions, the Coalition serves as a platform for sharing expertise and know-how with NGOs, policy-makers, activists, researchers and others. We also coordinate with the media to investigate and publicize whistleblower stories.

The Coalition is here to serve the public. If you have news, a concern, or a case to report, please contact one of our staff (at right). We will respond discreetly and quickly.

Coalition Members and Partners

•  Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance

Bosnia and Herzegovina
•  Center for Investigative Reporting 
Center for Responsible Democracy / Luna
•  Infohouse
•  Public Interest Advocacy Center


•  Alexenia Dimitrova, journalist
•  Center for the Study of Democracy
•  Media Development Center

Centre for Peace Studies
•  Human Rights House Zagreb

Czech Republic

•  Transparency International – Greece

•  K-Monitor

• Gelonida Bajraktari, independent activist

Anticorruption Alliance
•  Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption
•  Olga Bitca, activist

•  Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations
•  Center for Investigative Reporting in Montenegro
  Institut alternativa
•  Milka Tadić Mijović, journalist

North Macedonia
•  Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP
•  Transparency International – Macedonia

  Alliance for a Clean Romania
•  Attila Biro, journalist
  Expert Forum
•  Romanian Academic Society

•  Dragana D. Matovic, independent activist

•  Transparency International – Slovakia

•  European Center for Whistleblower Rights
•  Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI)
  South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO)

•  Tom Devine, US lawyer
•  Whistleblowing International

Donors and Supporters

The Coalition and its members sincerely thank our sponsors for their generosity and commitment to advancing whistleblower rights and awareness.

National Endowment for Democracy


Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative

Regional Cooperation Council


European Center for Whistleblower Rights

Whistleblowing International

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