Coalition staff and members have expertise on a range of issues and topics. To reach any of our experts, please contact Coalition Co-coordinator
Mark Worth:

Whistleblower policy and practice
• Bojan Bajić, Center for Responsible Democracy-Luna (Sarajevo)

Whistleblower protection legislation
Mark Worth, Blueprint for Free Speech (Berlin)

Support and advice for whistleblowers
• Bojan Bajić, Center for Responsible Democracy-Luna (Sarajevo)

Investigations of whistleblower disclosures
Olga Bitca, Resource Center for Human Rights (CReDO) (Chișinău)
Aleksandar Bozhinovski, Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP (Skopje)
Alexenia Dimitrova, 24 Hours (Sofia)

Whistleblowing and activism
Duje Prkut, GONG (Zagreb)

Whistleblowing and anti-corruption
Anna Damaskou, Transparency International – Greece
Arjan Dyrmishi, Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance (Tirana)
Simona Ernu, Romanian Academic Society (Bucharest)
Ruslan Stefanov, Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (Sofia)

Whistleblowing and the media
Maja Pleic, Centre for Peace Studies (Zagreb)

Media independence
Milka Tadić Mijović, Center for Investigative Reporting in Montenegro (Podgorica)
Oliver Vujovic, South East Europe Media Organisation

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