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Whistleblowers Patricia Pobrić and Milisav Dragojević, activist Ana Novaković and Coalition Co-coordinator Kristina Stevančević talk about the challenges and costs of whistleblowing on the TV network Vijesti.

Czech Republic

The Czech Senate has voted 30-21 to support the proposed EU Directive on whistleblower protection. The vote, a huge symbolic victory, was backed by Senator Libor Michálek, a two-time whistleblower and Coalition ally.


Commercial Court Judge Mislav Kolakušić is stepping up to support and protect whistleblowers with a new NGO formed in October, Anti-Corruption: "All citizens who are afraid to report corruption should turn to us."


A Belgrade court in October ruled in favor of Dr. Borko Josifovski, who exposed criminal ties between emergency doctors and funeral companies. Josifovski was represented by the NGO Pištaljka.


The National Agency on Corruption Prevention endorsed a proposed whistleblower protection law in October that would be the country's first. The measure, developed with input from the Coalition, soon may go to Parliament.


A proposed whistleblower protection law containing many European standards has been sent to the Assembly. The measure, strongly supported by the Coalition, would vastly improve on a substandard 2011 law.


Representing a major step in the fight against corruption, Parliament in July passed a comprehensive whistleblower protection law developed with significant input from Coalition members and staff.


The Coalition is strongly supporting efforts by Gjorgji Lazarevski and Zvonko Kostovski, whose disclosures of illegal wiretapping brought down Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, to be reinstated to their public service jobs.


Elected officials and public authorities have declined – at least for the moment – to pursue developing and passing a whistleblower protection law, despite the best efforts of OECD anti-corruption experts.


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Ana Novaković, Executive Director of the Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations in Montenegro, introduces the Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection.
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