Tell Bosnian Prime Minister Denis Zvizdić to stop the brutal retaliation of Tuzla Kvarc!

Latest Campaigns and Victories


Investigative journalist Klodiana Lala, who has exposed political crime and corruption in Albania for more than 15 years, received the Coalition’s Free Speech Award at a televised event in Tirana in March 2019. Congratulations Klodiana!


Whistleblowers Patricia Pobrić and Milisav Dragojević, activist Ana Novaković and Coalition Co-coordinator Kristina Stevančević talk about the challenges and costs of whistleblowing on the national TV network Vijesti.

Czech Republic

Following a long campaign by activists and two-time whistleblower Libor Michálek, the country's first-ever whistleblower law is under official consideration. The Coalition supported the campaign and strongly lobbied policy-makers.


Several Coalition member groups and activists – including GONG, Center for Peace Studies and Human Rights House – played key roles in passing Croatia's first whistleblower protection law, which took effect in July 2019. A huge win!

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Coalition is supporting efforts by Parliament member Sabina Ćudić, who exposed the sickening abuse of mentally disabled children at a care home near Sarajevo in November 2019 and is now campaigning for stronger whistleblower rights.


The Coalition has joined the international campaign in support of Aleksandar Obradovic, who exposed the role of a Serbian state-owned company in trading weapons that ultimately were obtained by Islamic State fighters in Yemen.


We are very pleased to have contributed expertise and advocacy support to Ukraine's first whistleblower protection law, which passed in November 2019. Under the new law, whistleblowers can be paid rewards of up to €40,000.


We are very pleased to have contributed expertise and advocacy support to Kosovo's new whistleblower protection law, which is one of the region's strongest and a vast improvement on its substandard 2011 law, which was never enforced.


The Coalition is supporting efforts by Transparency International Slovakia to monitor the country’s new whistleblower protection law, as well as its #BackingBoldOnes project, which encourages companies to hire victimized whistleblowers.


The Coalition has joined the international campaign in support of Alexandru Rjavitin, a 25-year-old army whistleblower who has been held in an underground torture dungeon in the breakaway state of Transnistria since December 2019.

North Macedonia

The Coalition is pleased to have co-led the successful campaign to reinstate whistleblowers Gjorgji Lazarevski and Zvonko Kostovski, whose disclosures of illegal wiretapping brought down Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.


Working with Whistleblowing International, the Coalition is working behind the scenes to fight for the rights of an employee fired by a large company after reporting serious safety violations. We are protecting the employee's identity.


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On a Mission:
A message from
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Ana Novaković

Ana Novaković, Executive Director of the Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations in Montenegro, introduces the Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection.
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